What kind of place is Inuyama?

By choice, we have a lot of highlight

There was Inuyama-shi in place where the northwest Kiso River of Aichi flowed through strong tail plains to and prospered for a long time as traffic and distribution, point of politics. It becomes stage of battle for the age of civil strife and develops as castle town in the Edo era, and there are still many footprints of the history, and there remains. In relaxation and Inuyama, there is a lot of highlight in rich nature and history and culture, amusement by choice.

Cultural assets, theme park

We have abundant National Treasure Inuyama Castle and National Treasure Tea Arbor Joan, moral and material cultural assets including Cormorant Fishing on the Kiso River in Inuyama. It is got close again as theme park as academic base culture including museum Meiji-mura and outdoor race Museum The little world.


A lot of festival traditional in Inuyama including brave, fantastic Inuyama Festival and pleasant events.

Shinto shrine, temple, historic site

We can mention eternal history in Inuyama including venerable Shinto shrine and ancient ancient tomb.

Power spot

There are a lot of places where mind and body are mystery asses with comfortable place and wonder healed together in Inuyama.

Nature, park

Park which rich Inuyama can spend as for nature leisurely relaxedly see, and nature in the fun four seasons overflows.


There is a lot of pleasure of outdoor in Inuyama including walking for the Kiso River rafting and fresh-water smelt fishing in Iruka pond, too.

Hot spring, accommodation

Inuyama hot spring "Hakutei-no-Yu" heals both heart and body.

Souvenir, shopping

Please enjoy shopping such as craft and textile, grilled dish, traditional local sake.


How is handmade experience only in Inuyama?

Cafe, gourmet

How is local gourmet "visiting skewers" of Inuyama? Cafe and restaurant where we just used townspeople's houses for are popular.