Inuyama comedy jinrikisha

By "comedy jinrikisha" area in spirit!

"Project that lives in your town" that young comedian of Yoshimoto Kogyo emigrates to each places of the whole country and activates area by power of laughter. In Inuyama-shi chosen for the whole country first, "comedy jinrikisha" is running in castle town from 2011. Jinrikisha which cheerful young entertainer pulls brightly "the Japan's smallest theater." It becomes place of ascetic practices that young entertainer polishes laughter against passenger. Entertainer is genuine Asakusa in service technology, and tour guide receives the training from local people well. We satisfy by all means! Please confirm the latest service situation in event information.

Rickshaw driver (entertainer)

Young comedian of excellent Yoshi Furuya cause position. Appearance information in theater sends on Twitter, too.

Small Suzuki (symposium R)
The Inuyama breeding born in Inuyama! 156cm to lame rickshaw driver sends delicious information of castle town!
Nobuyuki Watanabe (symposium R)
As body is big and is reliable, we can get on in peace! As you like castle, hear Inuyama Castle in anything!
You Japanese spaniel (symposium R)
It is rich in mimicry! Street performance is possible, too! Trademark is panda Japanese towel! My jinrikisha hayabbeezo!
Masaomi Ito (torasshusuta)
Aristocratic-looking man of smile. Every generation gives voice, "it is the best!" to!
Yasuhiro Yamaguchi (ghost)
If become senile, is anything, but feed masuyo! Come to one, me who want to become senile to the full more and more!
Hiramoto INAH (ghost)
Cool girl of the excellent Yoshi Furuya cause! Please come to get on mark with blond hair!
Relationship hinako
Innocent girl of the excellent Yoshi Furuya cause! We try so hard that customer is satisfied vigorously!