Inuyama sightseeing special envoy

Lonboo Atsushi is appointed by Inuyama sightseeing special envoy

Inuyama-shi, Aichi held Inuyama sightseeing special envoy inauguration ceremony on April 29, 2010 (celebration) and appointed Atsushi Tamura of London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go "Inuyama sightseeing special envoy". Video which Atsushi introduces Inuyama Castle to is this.

Comedy world castle enthusiast "No. 1"

Tamura likes earnest castle so as to be able to put just to have seen photograph what castle it is and speaks that Inuyama Castle is castle to like most in castles of the whole country at already various opportunities and has improvement in popularity act.

When as a result of swelling by talk to "enliven Inuyama" in talk of monthly "CIRCUS" (circus) TV Asahi channel serialization plan "FACTORY_A" (factory ray) in 2010, and having proposal of wanting to cooperate with Inuyama-shi, and having discussed, we wanted to have Inuyama be further well to Tamura played an active part widely, we came to appoint "sightseeing special envoy".

2020 shooting

With sightseeing special envoy

Conventionally, we appointed human resources who could do "grass-roots activity" to send charm of sightseeing in Inuyama as existing position and acted as "sightseeing ambassador" in sightseeing information dispatch, but founded "sightseeing special envoy" at position high-end in that.

"Sightseeing special envoy" to tourist attractions of Inuyama-shi have a profound knowledge, and understand the charm enough, and you choose targeting at cultural playing an active part in the whole country or the world.

We make use of your activity and popularity, popularity and send sightseeing information of Inuyama-shi in each scene and are intended that we have you carry cognitive improvement of Inuyama-shi and best Yaku of tourist increase.

As activity plan, we assume option of sightseeing special envoy about timing and contents of dispatch of sightseeing information.

Activity commendation

Lonboo Atsushi visited Inuyama after an interval of four years in June, 2014. It was about April, 2010 that Atsushi took office as Inuyama sightseeing special envoy. It was known for the top castle enthusiast in the entertainment world, and it had you take office as special envoy in opportunity by TV shows to have been spoken, "we like Inuyama Castle most". PR effect is outstanding, and attendance of Inuyama Castle that there were about 310,000 people a year in 2009 increases with about 440,000 and soaring in 2013. Commemorative shield which expressed will of thanks was given for activity for 4 years by Tanaka Mayor Inuyama. Atsushi "continued publicizing Inuyama Castle through Twitter and TV show. That turned out and said, we are glad.

2015 shooting

It became certain that attendance of Inuyama Castle of 2015 recorded record high and presented Chinese dog cowl (cowl not to receive) copy which was Inuyama article related to the lord of a castle as shield and souvenir of thanks to Atsushi Tamura of London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go where Inuyama-shi, Aichi acted as Inuyama sightseeing special envoy on December 18. Atsushi "overlooks charm of Inuyama Castle from the castle tower top floor. We think that it is number one in Japan. We can enjoy castle enthusiast, person who is not still interested in castle, both. We wanted everybody to know that Inuyama Castle was good castle. Say, want to aim at 1 million people next time, "have charm of Inuyama Castle tell many people to Atsushi Tamura, Mayor Yamada is a lot of for appreciation. Including Inuyama Castle, we said, we want you to publicize local resources which there was in the city a lot from now on.


Inuyama-shi tourist association telephone 0568-61-2825

Atsushi Tamura (tamuraatsushi)

December 4, 1973 student, comedian. Senility charge of London Boots Ichi-go Ni-go. We are belonging to Yoshimoto Kogyo.


"Nearly ten times go to visit Inuyama Castle in great castle enthusiasts. It is not at all big castle, but there is aura in this castle which survived the age of civil strife. It is not revealed that the Kiso River and superb view of strong tail plains to consider that we go up to the castle tower, and to get do not actually visit castle. Customer wants to make Inuyama Castle forthcoming castle Japan's most!"