Treasure hunt game

(now being held)

Whole year
Meeting place
Inuyama Castle downtown area

We solve mystery and get original goods

Purchase demystification program; to iza castle town to treasure hunt. We decode code to be written on treasure chest, and let's obtain luxurious premium!


①We purchase "demystification program" at reception desk.
②Treasure hunt starts with "demystification program".
③We decode code to be written on treasure chest.
④Fill in answer that decoded; to reception desk.
⑤We present treasure hunt original goods to all the demystification correct answer people. Nintendo 3DS is presented toward one person a month by lot

New Nintendo 3DS\New Nintendo 3DS_ white

New Nintendo 3DS\Logo_New3DS_RGB

※The photograph is for illustrative purposes only.

Reception desk

Inuyama tourist information center, Inuyama Castle downtown area tourist information center

Entrance fee

Each course 300 yen

The time required

Each course approximately two hours

Mystery of direction
Mystery of name of a street
Water circulation
Whole year
Holding time
From 9:00 to 16:00
Meeting place
Inuyama Castle downtown area
Inuyama tourist information center 0568-61-6000