Inuyama kimono Instagram photograph contribution campaign

Offer period
From September 16, 2017 to December 3, 2017


Campaign offer method

  1. We install Instagram application
    At first we install smartphone application "Instagram".
  2. We access official account
    We search "inuyama_kimono" in Instagram and access Inuyama kimono Instagram photograph contribution campaign [formally] page.
  3. We respond in "inuyama_kimono"
    Respond in Inuyama kimono Instagram photograph contribution campaign [formally] page "inuyama_kimono"; and is entry in campaign.
  4. We photograph kimono figure in Inuyama-shi
    Please photograph kimono figure in Inuyama-shi.
  5. We attach hashtag and post
    We attach hashtag "# Inuyama kimono" to photograph which we photographed and post! Application completion.

Offer essential point

  • Contest name: Inuyama kimono Instagram photograph contribution campaign
  • Period: Saturday, September 16, 2017 -Sunday, December 3
  • Prize: It is Inuyama hot spring, Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel pair accommodation coupon to five sets by lot

Successful announcement

  • After the application deadline, we decide elected candidate after lottery that is careful selection.
    We hope that we have official account respond by all means as result announcement contacts elected candidate in Instagram direct (direct contribution function of Instagram).
  • After the successful notice reception, please inform contact information, the prize destination of necessary matter by designated method by designated time limit. As you invalidate election when less than seven days do not have notification, please be careful.
    ※Downloading after Instagram Ver5.0 or update is necessary for won one to send direct message.
    ※Please turn on notice setting (notice of push) of Instagram of errand terminal.

Successful announcement

Application has you well read the following, and please apply for "Inuyama kimono Instagram photograph contribution campaign" that Inuyama-shi tourist association utilizes Instagram and carries out after agreement. When we add hashtag "# Inuyama kimono" to this campaign and are applied, we consider to have agreed to application agreement.

About application

Follow of "inuyama_kimono" is necessary for application. You attach hashtag "# Inuyama kimono", and please post photograph which you photographed. We invalidate contribution without hashtag.