The eighth Inuyama sightseeing photographic contest

It was finished

From September 15 to December 4
The whole area in Inuyama-shi

The sixth highest award
The sixth Inuyama-shi tourist association's chairperson Prize

We carry out the eighth Inuyama sightseeing photographic contest. You put "autumn of Inuyama" when you felt while traveling in camera, and please participate casually.

The details are as follows.


"Autumn of Inuyama"

Application method

You fill in the requirements on application paper and attach one point of photograph because of one piece of application paper, and please submit to Inuyama-shi tourist association.

Downloading of application paper is this

Application condition

  • As for the size, running out of four by color (possible running out of four wide)
  • As a general rule, applicant photographed entry by from September 15, 2011 to December 4

The application deadline

Thursday, December 15, 2011


  • The highest award… One point
    (gift certificate 50,000 yen, certificate of merit, souvenir)
  • Mayor Inuyama Prize… One point
    (prize, certificate of merit, souvenir)
  • Inuyama-shi tourist association, chairperson Prize…One point
    (gift certificate 30,000 yen, certificate of merit, souvenir)
  • Nagoya Railroad prize…One point
    (prize, certificate of merit, souvenir)
  • Inuyama-shi tourist association prize… Three points
    (prize, certificate of merit, souvenir)
  • Winning… Ten points
    (tourist facility pair admission ticket, certificate of merit, souvenir in Inuyama-shi)


Inuyama-shi, Inuyama-shi tourist association


Nagoya Railroad Co.,Ltd.


  • I inform high-ranking prizewinner of storage medium submission from the secretariat.
    When it is not submitted by designated date, we may cancel winning a prize.
  • Copyright belongs to sponsor.
  • We may use entrance work for poster and brochure which magazine and Inuyama-shi tourist association issue.
  • We will notify prizewinner of examination result, commendation ceremony later.
  • About right of likeness to subject, photographer, please get the consent.
  • Unpublished and thing without announcement plan is best as for work.
  • We will not return entry.
  • We do not accept work which scanned.

※We will manage according to privacy policy, law appropriately


Inuyama-shi tourist association "photographic contest" person in charge
〒484-8501 Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi east field 36 TEL.0568-61-2825

From September 15 to December 4
The whole area in Inuyama-shi
Inuyama tourist information center telephone 0568-61-6000