Castle town kimono DAYS

It was finished

December 1
Inuyama Castle and Uraku-en

We distribute complimentary ticket of Inuyama Castle and garden, Uraku-en to people taking a walk through castle town with kimono look at in front of Inuyama Castle tourist information center. (limit on that day effectively)

Inuyama Castle, Uraku-en complimentary ticket

Saturday, September 15
Saturday, October 6, 20th Saturday
Saturday, November 10, 17th Saturday
Six days on Saturday, December 1 in total

※Complimentary ticket is effective only for conduct day, the day

Meiji-mura Irimura charges discount

Irimura charges of museum Meiji-mura become at half price. Please report at the time of the ticket purchase.

Period From Saturday, November 10 to Sunday, December 2

Kimono rental is enacted in castle town, too

As kimono rental is enacted with following two houses under the Inuyama Castle, please use.

・wabikan (you apologize, and buy) of roadside teahouse Uraku

・Master of kimono clothing Kodaira next'

December 1
Inuyama Castle and Uraku-en
The location
Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Inuyama tourist information center 0568-61-6000