Inuyama Festival Minami Gumi Yama making even

It was finished

Saturday, October 27
Inuyama-shi castle town area

Scenery that a certain Yama goes round as for 8m in height in castle town is a word of the best part. Please see autumn charming sights colored by tradition by all means.

On the date

Saturday, October 27 9:00-21:00
※Rain out


Inuyama-shi castle town area

Figure of traffic regulation

Sacred rites schedule (plan)

Please note that schedule may change without notice by circumstances.

9:00 -
Yama leaves six towns toward Open Space in front of Inuyama Castle from the inside

Yama gathers in Open Space in front of Inuyama Castle

Yama of 6 * is mechanism, paste gem announcement sequentially

12:45 -
Yama of 6 * departs for Dekimachi

We control in Inuyama-shi gymnasium and show (in the town block 9)

Yama of 6 * gathers in Dekimachi

15:30 -
Preparations start of night Yama
(we turn on lantern of each 365 Yama and start)

Lighting completion

18:00 -
Yama of 6 * returns in each town

The 21:00 end

Of Sam Times "keep Inuyama Festival Minami Gumi Yama"; special tour

Limited tour that the Sam Times which is specialist of Inuyama Festival informs of. It is special tour to visit craftsman engaged in taking a ceremonial photograph and festival in front of "Yama".


Saturday, October 27
The first 10:50
The second 13:50
The third 15:50
Tour is around one hour by each time Inuyamaguchi Station meeting


300 yen (advance reservations required)


20 (first-come-first-served basis)

You make a reservation, and refer

Inuyama tourist information center 0568-61-6000

※10:11 from Meitetsu-Nagoya Station, 13:11, 15:11, the use of semi-express Shinkani line is convenient on participation.

Saturday, October 27
Holding time
Inuyama-shi castle town area