Inuyama-cho walk DAYS

It was finished

Sunday, May 24
Inuyama Castle downtown area

Undergrounding construction and road of "Honmachidori" that is main street of Inuyama Castle downtown area are dressed richly in March, 2009 and finish construction. In this way, view from castle town to Inuyama Castle spreads out and come to be able to enjoy taste of the Edo era. In "Inuyama-cho walk DAYS", we perform event that can enjoy town walk leisurely slowly as zone given priority to walker in Honmachidori.
Traffic detour route is this → Figure of tsu mold € detour route

◎Commemorative event 1 "castle town kimono DAYS"

Surprisingly, entrance of National Treasure Inuyama Castle and Uraku-en (National Treasure Tea Arbor Joan) is free in (the person-limited) visited with kimono!

How about coming for national treasure visit that Japan is proud of at this opportunity?
→National Treasure Inuyama Castle

→Uraku-en (National Treasure Tea Arbor Joan)

Let's go for castle town walk with kimono look!

◎Memory event 2 "look for the bowl-maru"

Local character "Wanmaru-kun" of Inuyama-shi appears frequently in castle town. You take photograph (as for the camera of cell-phone, possible) with Wanmaru-kun if you find, and show to person in charge of tourist information center in front of the Inuyama Castle. We present the original bowl-maru goods to the first 100 people in every day.

The bowl-maru appears frequently in castle town!

Sunday, May 24
Holding time
Inuyama Castle downtown area
The location
Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Transportation guide

It is about 10 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu "Inuyama Station" west exit


Inuyama tourist information center telephone 0568-61-6000