Inuyama guru tsu and roar of laughter tour

It was finished

May 31
Inuyama Castle downtown area

While Sam Times living in Inuyama walks with all of you, we show around Inuyama. We tell about charm of Inuyama with laughter to hidden spot let alone famous place.

The date

March 1 (finished)
March 15 (finished)
April 19 (finished)
May 17 (finished)
May 31 (of reservation receptionist)


Part 9:30 (Inuyamaguchi Station) of the morning
Part 14:00 (Inuyamaguchi Station) of the afternoon

The time required

About two hours


1,000 yen

It is included in rate

inusanjonyujotokakuryo, specialty of Inuyama skewer thing gourmet (two), guide charges


20 (first-come-first-served basis)

Inuyamaguchi Station start

Large cottage in the field

"Uiro" with 100% domestic rice flour of rice as main material is recommended Japanese confectionery shop.

Outside town Yama storehouse

Yama which comes up when Inuyama Festival is opened up is put carefully.

Line hot water

It is founded in 1925. It is public bath left alone in Inuyama.

The old Horibes house

The Horibes is known from generation to generation with family with samurai antecedents which served the Naruses, and existing building is appointed in registration tangible cultural property of country.

The old Isobes house

Merchant's family who ran mercer by name of "Kashiwaya" from the Edo era. There is history that shifted to processed tea, dealership from mercer after the Pacific War.

Kojima brewing

It is origin of brewing of *fukishu made from the early period of Edo era by brewing not to be removed from the premises.

Yamada goheimochiten

Rice dumplings-on-a-stick are all handmade. If characteristic sauce which sesame or walnut entered is delicious, we are popular.

Inuyama Artifacts Museum

Permanent exhibition shows precious ancient documents or art craft which the former Inuyama lord of a castle Naruses owned.

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Inuyama Castle

It is famous in Japan as the oldest wooden castle tower. Scenery that the castle tower top floor overlooks is a word of superb view.

May 31
Inuyama Castle downtown area