Ishiage Festival

It was finished

Sunday, August 2
Owari Fuji Omiya Asama Shrine
Strange festival of the world
Torch-fishing event

Raise by stone; event (from around 6:00 a.m.)
Pyrotechnics (8:00 p.m.)
Torch-fishing (from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00)

Origin of Ishiage Festival
Ishiage Festival is time when believer whom there is climbs Owari Fuji in old days and writes down wish in stone and prayed to be in "competition for back of mountain" legend. Enshrined deity "mokuhanakai*himemei" (we hide as soon as we spare this flower and drink thing) appeared in the dream, and it was grieved that Owari Fuji was lower than neighboring Mount Hongu very much. Therefore believer picked up clean stone of the Kiso River and after piling up on the mountaintop, strangely, seemed to have wish realized. It comes to village from village and it gives stone we dedicate Oishi in succession, and to have prayed for riches and honors length life, descendant prosperity, rich harvest and is beginning of festival. Raise by stone and, as for the origin of festival, is told "for a long time", but in Edo era, 1836 (Tenpo 7) approximately 170 years ago of "the Tenpo era become grand very much from the next year of famine", is nikaketedearimasu in the first half of Showa from the Taisho era in the golden age. In addition, we put up this stone, and festival was performed from ancient times on June 1 of the lunar calendar, but is performed now on the first Sunday in August. We Ishiage Festival tradition preservation meeting inherits precious historical cultural heritage "Ishiage Festival" which ancestors left magnificently, and they will spread as festival of native district.

Festival of impression
Ishiage Festival is held in midsummer. We can taste impression as we shed tears unintentionally when we accumulated aiming at the mountaintop with stone of favorite size from children to the elderly while being drenched with sweat by mountain path of Owari Fuji. Please contact preservation society if you would like to participate.

Ishigami geno song
Did you ask whether you saw?

Yaw Ishiage Festival
"yoo mountain"
naayo to raise

Owari excellent daino
Yaw Ishiage Festival
"yoo dondoto"
naayo where stone is served on

To Owari Fuji
If we put up this yaw stone
For "yoo disease"
naayo not to do if it takes

Ishiage Festival
Strange festival of the yaw world
"Hit yoo soroi"
naayo which puts up stone

We put up this year
Yaw Ishiage Festival
To "yoo Fuji"
Person kei ri naayo

We enjoyed and saved
Yaw three-deck narite
To "yoo gate of a palace"

naayo which ran den

Sunday, August 2
Holding time
Owari Fuji Omiya Asama Shrine
The location
Fujiyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Owari Fuji Omiya Asama Shrine telephone 0568-67-0037