Comedy jinrikisha

(now being held)

From September 1 to December 2
Inuyama Castle downtown area

We show around castle town full of history atmosphere by jinrikisha. Young comedian of Yoshimoto acts as rickshaw driver every day in rotation. With joke, we sometimes go round various famous places.

Service place

Inuyama Castle downtown area

Service period

Every day (rain out)

Service time

From 10:00 to 16:00 (occasional service)

Reception desk

From 10:00 on that day in Open Space in front of Inuyama Castle


1,000 yen (two capacity)

The time required

Approximately 15 minutes

Rickshaw driver schedule (November)

5th Ito
6th small Suzuki
7th you Japanese spaniel
8th small Suzuki
9th Watanabe
10th relationship hinako
11th ghost
12th small Suzuki
13th Watanabe
14th you Japanese spaniel
15th you Japanese spaniel
16th small Suzuki
17th Yamaguchi / relationship hinako
18th ghost
19th Watanabe
20th small Suzuki
21st you Japanese spaniel
22nd Yamaguchi
23rd small Suzuki
24th you Japanese spaniel
25th Watanabe
26th Watanabe
27th small Suzuki
28th Watanabe
29th you Japanese spaniel
30th Ito


From September 1 to December 2
Holding time
From 10:00 to 16:00
Inuyama Castle downtown area
1,000 yen
Transportation guide
It is approximately 15 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu "Inuyama Station" west exit