Wanmaru-kun birthday society

It was finished

October 8
Open Space in front of Inuyama Castle

We carry out meeting on birthday of Wanmaru-kun working on as official character of Inuyama-shi, Aichi from 2000. Sam Times of entertainer that first Aichi lives in host. Let's celebrate birthday of Wanmaru-kun together.

The date

Sunday, October 8, 2017


We accept in Open Space in front of Inuyama Castle at 10:00 and start
10:00-10:20 Mr. ↓ YU ↑ street performance performance
10:30-11:15 Wanmaru-kun birthday society
Let's go out to 11:15-Wanmaru-kun and Inuyama Castle to play

Anyone can participate by no appointment necessary.


・Limited goods and Inuyama Castle complimentary ticket are presented by the first 300 people whom he/she wrote messages for
・It is Wanmaru-kun and taking a ceremonial photograph society in front of castle tower of Inuyama Castle
・Wanmaru-kun stage
・Mon Para Para of mompa
・Comedy stage of Sam Times
・Rock, paper, scissors meet

Birthday of Wanmaru-kun

Everlasting 10 years old born in October 10. We carry out meeting every year on birthday on holiday after ten days ago.

It is news on Twitter

Mutter of Wanmaru-kun. Respond.

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Downloading of flyer is this

October 8
Holding time
Open Space in front of Inuyama Castle