Inuyama Castle pleasure boat

It was finished

From April 27 to May 6
The Kiso River

Please enjoy lord cruise of the fresh green. If get in pleasure boat including Inuyama Castle of symbol of nature which is full of green and this town, and go down the Kiso River, charm of admirable Inuyama in sequence in front. While you are blown by spring comfortable wind, please enjoy Cruise with family and friend for my Lord feeling.


From March 30 to April 8 (cherry blossoms season)
From April 27 to May 6 (the fresh green season)

Service schedule

The first flight 09:00
The second flight 10:00
The third flight 11:00
The fourth flight 12:00
The fifth flight 13:30
The sixth flight 14:30
The seventh flight 15:30


Adult 500 yen child (3 years old - primary schoolchild) 100 yen
※Infant for free (per one protector to one)

The time required

About 30 minutes


Each flight 50 people (finished as soon as on the day it reaches first-come-first-served basis, capacity)


Inuyama Bridge pleasure boat platform (the Kiso River sightseeing office)
It is a 3-minute walk from the Inuyama-Yuen Station east exit

Reception desk

It releases boarding ticket of all flights at Inuyama Bridge pleasure boat platform (the Kiso River sightseeing office) from 8:30 on the day of the boarding.
To six pieces per person.
※There is time not to release for reservations depending on the date.


Inuyama tourist information center
TEL 0568-61-6000
FAX 0568-62-6155
※We stop navigation at the time of rainy weather and flooding of the Kiso River.

We guide in ship

Young Yoshimoto entertainer playing an active part in castle town as rickshaw driver of jinrikisha acts as guide in ship.

We are canceled performance on May 1 by convenience
May 2 small Suzuki
May 3 yuchin
May 4 Hiramoto INAH
May 5 Watanabe
Three May 6 star George

Inuyama Castle pleasure boat (4)

From April 27 to May 6
Holding time
The Kiso River
The location
Inuyama, Inuyama-shi north white Yamahira second frontage
Transportation guide
It is about 3 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu "Inuyama-Yuen Station" east exit