Oh-Agata Shrine plum Festival

Now being held

From February 17 to March 17
Oh-Agata Shrine

Oh-Agata Shrine of Inuyama-shi, Aichi is known as famous spot of plum. There is Bairin which hangs down, and gathered plum gao of 320 red and white from well-known Umezono, Shinto shrines of the whole country including plum which had you dedicate, and various events are performed during plum festival period. As there is festival "banner year festival" to tell spring to Owari on March 10, please go out.

Umezono of Oh-Agata Shrine


Main event

Sunday, February 17
Opening ceremony, folk song, admiral Rokuro Yashiro calligraphy exhibition (-22 days), photography event

Saturday, February 23
Flower arrangement exhibition (Inuyama-shi lyceum flower arrangement club)

Sunday, February 24
Tea party (sekishurisenkaihigashishumegumi), flower arrangement exhibition (Inuyama-shi lyceum flower arrangement club)

From February 25 to March 7
Admiral Rokuro Yashiro calligraphy exhibition

Sunday, March 3
jinkei**sai, soil young bird exhibition

Sunday, March 10
Rich year festival
11:00 callithump
13:00 great kagamimochi dedication
13:30 cow float, God good luck line parade
13:30 drum dedication (Owari drum)
15:00 songs show
16:00 mochi scattering

Saturday, March 16
Recitation of a Chinese poem dedication (
Plum bloom ability (program customary prelude, Takasago, ebira)

Sunday, March 17
Himemiya godliness religious association big festival
Taisho lyre (eight folds of koto life style chrysanthemums society)

March 10 Oh-Agata Shrine "rich year festival"

Oh-Agata Shrine (rich year festival)

From February 17 to March 17
Oh-Agata Shrine