We close Inuyama and enshrine parfait

It was finished

From April 27 to May 6
The whole area in Inuyama-shi

In Sapporo of boom closed, and female college student of we Kinjo Gakuin University asked shop of Inuyama for parfait, and had make exceptional parfait. With slightly deluxe limited original parfait which we cannot eat, we take sweet ... i memory of Inuyama only now!

The storage of Kinjo Gakuin University international information department former seminar produce

List of parfait


swan' s cafe

Parfait of strawberry and cheesecake
1,080 yen
Offer time 11:30-23:00
Phone number0568-61-1220
Business hours11:30-22:00
Regular holiday

Tuesday, the first third Monday fixed closing day

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We use strawberry of local farmhouse abundantly

Homemade ice cream and jam which used strawberry abundantly. Hearty special parfait which had topping of popular baked cheesecake and sable in swan' s cafe. Strawberry comes out from all over digging if we dig.

New texture parfait mainly on smoothie which swan's cafe is good at. ... a large quantity of from smoothie! Multilayer parfait which popular product was used for abundantly in this swan' s cafe does not let you certainly get tired from beginning to end.


Giraffe bower

Tiramisu berry parfait of natural ice
1,000 yen
Offer time 17:00-19:00
Phone number0568-61-0264
Business hours11:00-14:00, 17:00-20:00
Regular holiday

Saturday fixed closing day

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Snow cone and greedy sweets of parfait adult

Tiramisu parfait of soft and fluffy snow cone using natural ice and homemade syrup. It is Japanese hawfinch parfait which we can eat deliciously till the last while enjoying Mascarpone mousse, raspberry sauce, coffee jelly and vanilla ice cream and change of taste.

It is snow cone parfait with feelings to ice which "cheap restaurant makes"! Use natural ice, parfait nanonifuwaffuwa! We can taste parfait melting in mouth immediately only here without becoming full than it looks! It is snow cone and exquisite balance of coffee jelly berry without being sweetness too much as syrup is homemade! Dessert after rice is fixed in this!


Bistro sou-sou

Berry berry parfait
1,000 yen
Offer time 14:00-19:00
Phone number0568-62-0041
Business hours11:00-21:30
Regular holiday

Monday fixed closing day

We see in map
Adult parfait using five kinds of berries

It is immediate on foot from Inuyama Station. Have adult parfait that closing can enjoy change of taste of trip.

Berry berry parfait which many berries entered. Jelly using red wine is exquisite, too! When we spend deluxe time slightly always different with parfait for refined, pretty adults, how about?


Cafe Pross Peer

busa kava bowl parfait
880 yen
Offer time 8:00-20:00
Phone number0568-61-4564
Business hours8:00-18:00
Regular holiday

Having no days off

We see in map
It becomes smile unintentionally!

Royal vanilla and whip cream which are heavy on sponge cake, the banana in form of doggy! If decorate with cookies and chocolate; bowl parfait nodekiagaari. Of trip to close; Pross Peer dehokkorishitekudasai!

Of course, charm of this parfait is this appearance! We are wondering where we should eat such a cute doggy from. When we share rare parfait served in dish with friend by all means?



Strawberry cream bonbon
1,275 yen
Offer time 15:00-21:00
Phone number0568-44-1712
Business hours11:00-22:00 (on third Wednesday - 16:00)
Regular holiday

Having no days off during period

We see in map
Of station direct connection close; parfait

Cafe which can be idle of Inuyama Station direct connection. Have royal road parfait which closes, and colors o of trip in space that both adult and child can enjoy.

Appearance that it is reflected on that strawberry is put in glass is luxurious! As lower layer becomes yoghurt, we can eat even that it is hard to be sweet at all.


Soft serve & straight juice Yoshikawa-ya

Seasonal fruit parfait (strawberry)
680 yen
Offer time 9:00-19:00
Phone number0568-65-9881
Business hours9:00-18:00
Regular holiday

Monday fixed closing day

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Parfait full of senses of the seasons

Parfait of the volume perfect score only using seasonal fresh straight fruit.

Taste and appearance and price are satisfactory very much; close; parfait. It is used fresh naichigogatakkusan and is wondering where we shall eat from unintentionally. Close couple makes; close, and please thoroughly enjoy parfait!


YR CAFEby Ebisu paradise table

The YUKIYAMA strawberry queen
880 yen
Offer time 11:00-24:00
Phone number0568-54-3450
Business hours11:00-24:00
Regular holiday

Monday fixed closing day (in the case of holiday Tuesday, the following day)

We see in map
The YUKIYAMA strawberry queen who fully rode fully-ripe strawberry

With snow crystal of -2 degrees Celsius to break out from cup with soft serve at a stretch under the freezing point. Body that soft serve that original blended different product for milk fat is rich and fluent melting.

This parfait which used a lot of fully-ripe strawberries is one article that we can eat at all after having drunk the back and liquor which ate rice. In addition, it is sure to get that we want to take video unintentionally as dry ice enters and sees with eyes as well as taste and can enjoy!


Genuine cafe Inuyama Odoki of old folk house

Strawberry one gathering parfait
1,390 yen
Offer time 12:00-19:00
Phone number0568-61-5274
Business hours12:00-19:00
Regular holiday

Wednesday fixed closing day

We see in map
Do you not close with parfait of noted product heaping up?

Uiro of Onoya who is meal in this area, plum-blossom-shaped rice cake of Iwataya. We enjoy Inuyama with green tea ice cream in connection with tea-ceremony room, Matcha Uiro, ten kinds of toppings including Matcha syrup. Face of "dog" expressed strawberry and eyes as vanilla ice cream in black soybean with a smile.

Familiar "strawberry one gathering parfait" comes up in Inuyama Odoki! Many things enter luxuriously among them! Is there new strawberry one gathering again in space to settle with gentle storekeeper relaxedly? ?


Honcho tea room

950 yen
Offer time 11:00-19:00
Phone number050-5885-0478
Business hours11:00-17:00
Regular holiday

Thursday fixed closing day

We see in map
New standard of Matcha X castle town

We use Matcha of Owari "Fukujuen" luxuriously. It is parfait to be able to enjoy taste of authentic Matcha. Bean jam, chestnut, white ball, citron honey fully enter Matcha software which is popular for Honcho tea room. Art of Inuyama Castle is garnished the top with and has come to be handed down at first sight saying "we went to Inuyama Castle downtown area".

Deluxe parfait which we can eat without any regret to taste of acidity of citron, and to close. Bean jam and white ball enter rumblingly, and it is charm that can enjoy texture. In old folk house cafe full of taste of today close, and parfait is decided!


Marchais Passport of forest

Italian parfait which is destined
1,000 yen
Offer time 10:30-19:00
Phone number090-6380-8810
Business hours10:30-16:30
Regular holiday

Having no days off during period

We see in map
Dessert array of Italy

Deluxe parfait which gelato available to pannakotta, mille crepes, tiramisu appeared in. Pretty photograph comes out with chocolate of heart that we likened to red thread. Per person; but of course is OK. Please eat happily.

Parfait which is felt Italy which used grape abundantly. It is makeover to red thread destined to marry important person when we attach little finger to chocolate of heart on the top! You are good to date, and have parfait without instagenic mistake!


Japanese arts & crafts & sum cafe end teahouse

Princess parfait
950 yen
Offer time 10:00-19:00
Phone number0568-48-7870
Business hours10:00-18:00
Regular holiday

Tuesday fixed closing day (we do business on holiday)

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Parfait of cute strawberry with full of a feeling of princess

Parfait (seasonally limited) princess parfait of strawberry of heart and strawberry full of a feeling of princess that marshmallow is very pretty is menu born from idea of student of origin of Kinjo Gakuin University, chamber seminar to stylish glass-shaped cup.

Parfait using princess software which is quite popular in end teahouse, the name are princess parfait! It is parfait which packed marshmallow of heart with heart-shaped strawberry and cute thing! Of Himecho Inuyama closing is fixed with princess parfait!


The first floor of Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel restaurant

Japanese-style parfait of Matcha
1,000 yen
Offer time 16:00-19:00
Phone number0568-61-2211
Business hours9:00-19:00
Regular holiday

Having no days off

We see in map
The sum sweets parfait with full of Matcha

The sum parfait full of senses of the seasons to close, and to color o of trip. Please spend wonderful time.

Traditional parfait reflecting the image of "the sum."

From April 27 to May 6
The whole area in Inuyama-shi