Inuyama Wanda full parfait

It was finished

From March 1 to May 31
The whole area in Inuyama-shi

Inuyama where is full of cute parfait. It swells with parfait this spring. Unique parfait including parfait and experience-based parfait which employed a lot of fruit which feels like taking photograph unintentionally is doing lineup. You eat parfait cooked with true heart, and do you not taste Inuyama not to know yet? Inuyama is parfait than dumpling, flower which does not become than flower now.

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List of parfait


The Kiso River store

koji parfait
680 yen
Offer time 10:00-17:00
Phone number0568-62-3919
Business hours10:00-17:00 (finished as soon as it disappears)
Regular holiday

Tuesday fixed closing day

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Nova of parfait full of Japanese traditions!

The first characteristic is light lightly sweetened soft serve using enkoji. Parfait that anyone is easy to eat sweet joppai taste.


Cafe Sakurazaka

Tapioca coffee jelly parfait
730 yen
Offer time 11:00-15:30
Phone number0568-63-2577
Business hours11:00-15:30
Regular holiday

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday fixed closing day

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In spring full parfait to enjoy while looking at cherry blossoms and Inuyama Castle

New texture of coffee jelly and tender brown sugar tapioca is unbearable shudderingly!


Soft serve & straight juice Yoshikawa-ya

Seasonal fruit parfait (strawberry)
730 yen -
Offer time 9:00-18:00
Phone number0568-65-9881
Business hours9:00-18:00
Regular holiday

Wednesday fixed closing day

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Photogenic parfait

Fruit parfait which is quite popular in Yoshikawa-ya.


YR CAFEby Ebisu paradise table

900 yen
Offer time 11:00-24:00
Phone number0568-54-3450
Business hours11:00-24:00
Regular holiday

Monday fixed closing day (in the case of holiday Tuesday, the following day)

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YUKIYAMA strawberry below-zero!

It becomes below the freezing point in dry ice to keep taste.


swan' s cafe juice stand

Doughnut parfait of strawberry having just finished being produced
950 yen
Offer time 11:00-17:00
Phone number0568-61-1220
Business hours11:00-17:00
Regular holiday

Wednesday fixed closing day

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Deluxe parfait of strawberry to beat fast with

Special recipe that homemade fried doughnut was cooked for this parfait.


Genuine cafe Inuyama Odoki of old folk house

Strawberry one gathering parfait
1,390 yen
Offer time 12:00-19:00
Phone number0568-61-5274
Business hours12:00-19:00
Regular holiday

Wednesday fixed closing day

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Specialty parfait which took in Inuyama abundantly

Parfait of old folk house where both material and how to make were particular about genuine article.


Japanese arts & crafts & sum cafe end teahouse

Princess parfait
990 yen
Offer time 10:00-18:00
Phone number0568-48-7870
Business hours10:00-18:00
Regular holiday

Tuesday fixed closing day (we do business on holiday)

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Parfait of strawberry full of a feeling of princess

We can enjoy parfait using stylish champagne glass-style cup from appearance.


Inuyama the end

Soft and fluffy parfait
500 yen
Offer time 11:00-16:00
Phone number0568-61-0089
Business hours11:00-16:00
Regular holiday

Having no days off during period

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"Innards do" to parfait? New texture sweets

To strawberry, fresh drink including pineapple with fruit, fuwafuwanowatagashiokabuseta excellent itokodori parfait is born!


Sweet castle

Handmade parfait (sweets buffet)
1,000 yen (the road pivot according to entry into a fortress charges)
Offer time 9:30-17:00 (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:30-18:00)
Phone number0568-67-8181
Business hours9:30-17:00 (on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 9:00-18:00)
Regular holiday

Wednesday and Thursday fixed closing day

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Treasure chest parfait to load with good kigatsume very much

Experience-based parfait full of originality!

From March 1 to May 31
The whole area in Inuyama-shi