It is the Kiso River stamp rally around

It was finished

From October 1 to March 31
The Kiso River basin sightseeing zone

We present special product in stamp rally without exception

"The Kiso River stamp rally is open around" the Aichi, Gifu Kiso River basin sightseeing zone.

The Kiso River basin sightseeing zone enforces "the Kiso River stamp rally on October 1, 2010 around" until March 31, 2011. We planned when we wanted you to know this rally more and yet more while enjoying tourist facility and spa facility of range (Inuyama-shi, Aichi, Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu, Kani-shi, Minokamo-shi, Sakahogi-cho).

Range 15 facility participates in rally and presents local special product without exception when we recruit stamps of 3 facilities on exclusive mount among 15 facilities. ※We distribute exclusive mount at Inuyama tourist information centers.

Furthermore, wonderful prize hits 155 sets including gift certificate 20,000 yen share in total by lot when we apply. You obtain exclusive mount, and please participate in rally.

Downloading of mount for exclusive use of stamp rally is this

Participation 15 facility is as follows.

National Treasure Inuyama Castle

Museum Meiji-mura

The little world

Monkey park

Sweet castle

The Kiso River rafting

Rafting in Japan

Oasis park

akuatoto Gifu

Naito memory medicine Museum

kakamigahara aerospace Museum

Nakasendou Unumajuku Machiya hall


Flowers of sulphur island

Flower Festa Memorial Park

From October 1 to March 31
The Kiso River basin sightseeing zone
Inuyama tourist information center telephone 0568-61-6000