Zoo special DAY

It was finished

Mizuki day of February
Japanese monkey center

In the Japanese monkey center, winter season-limited popular plan "zoo special DAY" is open. Amusement park has a lot of privileges to enjoy zoo by plan in particular of day of closure.

Admission charges discount

Adult normal 1,600 yen to 600 yen
Child (2 years or older) normal 800 yen to 300 yen

Parking lot for free

500 yen is usually free

"Monkey building a fire" "warm potato thyme" days holding

Monkeys which should be afraid of fire are warm around open fire. We hold winter pastime that gives poetic charm "monkey building a fire" to continue more than 50 years from year of Ise Bay typhoon. After guide of member of breeding baked potato monkey tachigaboobaru "warm potato thyme." Customer can eat steamed potato warmly.

※All gardens are closed only on Wednesday, February 16
※It is 11:00-16:00 for business hours
※As restaurant or stand in garden are not all open, please be careful.
※As route bus from Inuyama Station does not run, please be careful.

Mizuki day of February
Holding time
From 11:00 to 16:00
Japanese monkey center
The location
Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi state forest 26
February 16
Japanese monkey center telephone 0568-61-2327