The fourth Inuyama "skewer King" deciding match

It was finished

March 21 Monday (holiday)
Museum Meiji-mura

Spring Inuyama campaign [from Tuesday, March 1, 2011 to Tuesday, May 31]

We did much application thank you state!

Thank you for your much application about recruitment of the fourth Inuyama skewer King deciding match, event participants. Elected candidate of 100 people was decided from applicant of about 600 people by lot. As I send election postcard to elected candidate around 15th, you bring election postcard on the day of the event, and please go out to Meiji-mura.

Festival of local gourmet

From cheap, delicious local skewer gourmet loved by local person, your one vote decides Inuyama "skewer King"!

※Participation of event needs application, beforehand.

Event contents

On the day I hand Meiji-mura Irimura ticket and ballot of "skewer King" deciding match, designated skewer gourmet sampling ticket to event participant. Please fill in thing which liked from skewer gourmet who had you try on ballot. Your one vote decides Inuyama "skewer King".

On the date

March 21 Monday (holiday) 10:00-11:00 rain or shine

※On the day elected candidates, please gather at the Meiji-mura front gate or the north exit at 9:30.

Holding place

Museum Meiji-mura (we reach the open village 46th anniversary on event ※ March 18 on open village memorial day.)

The number of the participants

100 people ※In the case of a lot of applicants, we decide elected candidate by lottery.

Application method (application acceptance was finished)

Please apply with double postal card. Please mail to the surface of double postal card after filling out "address, full name (to up to four people), age, phone number" to the following reference. We can apply to up to four people because of one piece of postcard.


〒484-8501 Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi east field 36 Inuyama-shi the third floor of the government office
It is addressed to the Inuyama-shi tourist association "skewer gourmet" secretariat
Telephone 0568-61-6000

The deadline

It must arrive by Thursday, March 10

March 21 Monday (holiday)
Holding time
Museum Meiji-mura
Inuyama tourist information center telephone 0568-61-6000