Cafe, light meal

We introduce cafe and sweets shop.

Cafe Pross Peer Inuyama store

Inuyama station square self-style cafe

Genuine cafe of Inuyama Odoki old folk house

Old folk house cafe & handicraft lantern studios more than 100 years old

Herb pot

Homemade bread of carefully selected material

Cafe Sakurazaka

Terrace cafe which can expect Inuyama Castle


Sweets restaurant of use of seasonal straight fruit

Honcho tea room

Sum cafe that redecorated old folk house of 100 years old

Your coffee studio ship

With scenery that is beautiful with delicious cake

Toshi Tawaraya Inuyama hermitage

Popular local software

German light meal stand-in screw Saitoh

German hot dog is popular

Yamada goheimochiten

It is first Inuyama skewer King in specialty of castle town

swan' s cafe

Foods & drink + art & music

End teahouse

Person and person, shop which links edge of town to person