How is handmade experience only in Inuyama?

Inuyama gets married (wedding plaza Niko/Niko)

The whole dog Yamanomachi is studio

Kimono & yukata rental Inuyama is ideal day

Kimono rental of station road

Rental kimono & yukata Inuyama Komachi

Store specializing in kimono & yukata rentals (by appointment only) of castle town

ozeki ceramic art classroom Ozeki product Juro Sue, Aioi bunch

Advantageous 90 minutes ceramic art experience course is popular


Folkcraft which is popular among experience-based plans

Inuyama leather studio vinculum leather

Handmade leather products and experience-based leather classroom

Glass studio Sara

Glass art to make with sandblast

Inuyama hospitality corps

We inform of secret charm for heart of hospitality