Harituna Shrine [haritsunajinja]

One of five Owari

There was sub-first place needle rope Myojin in Genki book in own country Sadaharu book again with original first place needle rope Myojin in company in expression of enkishikishimmeichoshosai and we did in power of God observableness as enshrining sesare higashikaichimmamori, fisheries developing land, staple grains fertility, good luck charm, easy delivery, God of longevity in ho of Inuyama these than the ancient times from ancient times and were particularly praised veneration of person agriculture, industry and commerce with Hakusan Daimyojin thick and were total local deity of strong tail. Inuyama Festival of country-designated intangible folk cultural properties is festival of Harituna Shrine.

The highlight

Middle interest

We suffered rendering of an Imperial edict of Tenno, Nara when we did not remove and rebuild Prince uncle Nobuyasu Oda of Nobunaga Oda, the city under a tree castle in precinct of a Shinto shrine and we did utsushiza and presented to city white Yamahira (heap of castles in the east) on (1537) August 28 in 1537. We did utsushiza and further presented to city excellent Kuricho on April 8, 1606 after jikisaki 1969 and were lord of a castle Naruse successive prayer place.

After the Meiji Restoration

It becomes gotsushiza and we do before the war with prefectural shrine and gather veneration of neighborhood in the present location that was the seat ground as religious corporation Harituna Shrine (one of five Owari) from the seat ground of excellent Kuricho in postwar period until 1537 on September 28, 1882.


We grant easy delivery, every quarter de-good luck charm, road safety, baby

Lucky charm

koju 800 yen, easy delivery 1,000 yen, every quarter de-1,000 yen, good luck charm 1,000 yen, Wanmaru-kun defense 800 yen

Harituna Shrine (haritsunajinja)
The location
65-1, Kitakoken, Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Transportation guide

It is about 12 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu "Inuyama-Yuen Station" west exit

The appearance