Ishiage Festival [we let you be and worship]

Strange festival of the world

Ishiage Festival is held every year on first Sunday of August. As for the origin of festival, the mountains of Owari Fuji lost in "competition with neighboring Mount Hongu for back" in the old days. Therefore we raised, and enshrined deity of Owari Fuji commanded the mountaintop to raise mountain with stone to villager. And we granted wish to villager who piled up stone and gave benevolence of the gods to find happiness. It is "Ishiage Festival" that any people regardless of age or sex carries up large and small stones for this on the mountaintop in family and group. It is festival that family, friend, anyone including group of the workplace can participate in. On hot summer day, we match power together, and we raise stone, and let's pray the mountaintop of Owari Fuji for one-year health and security. For more details, please contact our Ishiage Festival tradition preservation meeting (the Owari-Fuji Oomiya Sengen Shrine).

The highlight

Festival that anyone can participate in

Even on the day individual (family) accepts. From rock 300 yen. As you accept group (more than eight people) until July 15, please contact Ishiage Festival tradition preservation meeting.


From 20:00, fireworks are launched for the Owari Fuji mountaintop. And, on approach to a shrine to waver approximately 1,000 lanterns, heroic torch-fishing Shinto ritual to run down at a stretch is performed while swinging torch (torch) which approximately 80 people set fire to from child to adult around.

Ishigami geno song

naayo which asked whether you saw, or raises yo Ishiage Festival "yoo mountain"
naayo which Owari name daino yo Ishiage Festival "yoo dondoto" stone goes up
If raise by this yo stone to Owari Fuji; is kakaryasenu naayo for "yoo disease"
naayo which strange festival of the yo world "beats against yoo soroi" as for the Ishiage Festival, and puts up stone
It is person kei ri naayo to yo Ishiage Festival "yoo Fuji" to put up this year
naayo which enjoyed, but wore hideout to the yo three-deck narite "yoo Emperor" which we enjoyed

Ishiage Festival (we let you be and worship)
The location
3, Fujiyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Transportation guide

From Chuo Expressway "Komaki east IC" approximately ten minutes

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