Map, traffic guidance

It is traffic information to castle town "Inuyama" for Owari.

Way by train

Is approximately 25 minutes from Nagoya Station; to town of the history.
Castle town opens from Inuyama Station within the range of a 20-minute walk.

Way by car

The Inuyama Castle outskirts are narrow, and they are congested in atmospheric castle town.
Parking lot, please use parking lot in the prefectural road Route 27 east side.

Traffic regulation

It enforces traffic regulation in Inuyama Castle downtown area.
We would like understanding cooperation.

Castle town parking lot information + congestion situation breaking news

We will tell about the parking lot situation in real time.

Various brochures

You can see brochure of Inuyama-shi, Aichi in Portable Document Format.

Sightseeing map

It is original map which we applied map application in.

Traffic information

You can see traffic condition of Inuyama-shi, Aichi.

Street view

You can see castle town in street view.