Map, traffic guidance

It is traffic information to castle town "Inuyama" for Owari.

Chronic traffic jam, congestion with car become problem in Inuyama Castle downtown area. Width of atmospheric castle town is dangerous to walker narrowly and affects local life. I would like your cooperation to be able to enjoy the town of castle town walk.

It is about 25 minutes from Meitetsu-Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station.

It is about 25 minutes by high speed limited express, μSky from Meitetsu-Nagoya Station to Inuyama Station.

Castle town spreads from Inuyama Station within the range of a 20-minute walk.

Way by train

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Inuyama Castle downtown area ticket

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Inuyama gourmet lunch plan

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Meiji-mura time travel ticket

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Meiji-mura fencer demystification ticket

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