Autumn Inuyama campaign

Update day
September 16, 2017

We know autumn. We know the history. We know flavor.

Inuyama intensive large-scale sightseeing advertising meeting (Inuyama-shi, Inuyama-shi tourist association) and Nagoya Railroad carry out "autumn Inuyama campaign" under the theme of colored leaves and castle town walk from September 16 to December 3. Hold this campaign as campaign to have enjoy charm of autumn Inuyama represented by colored leaves, and in this year of the eleventh (through spring, summer, autumn the 29th) become held.

We carry out "Inuyama history circulation kimono de free ticket" presenting complimentary ticket of National Treasure Inuyama Castle or Japanese garden Uraku-en for a limited time to support kimono walk.

In addition, various plan that can enjoy Inuyama walk smoothly including navigation of "Momotaro colored leaves ship" binding service of "Inuyama colored leaves route bus" binding Jakkoin Temple and Momotaro Park of colored leaves famous place together in basic point at Inuyama-Yuen Station in service of shuttle bus "Inuyama wave abusive issue" linking Meiji-mura to Inuyama Castle from October 1, colored leaves season, Inuyama Bridge and Momotaro Park together.