Shachihoko eraser

Update day
January 15, 2018

Director Atsuko Naruse of Inuyama Castle white emperor library presents "hit killer whale eraser" of shachihoko handle which protected National Treasure Inuyama Castle from thunderbolt as the memory plan first in July, 2017 in the Year of the Dog to Inuyama Castle visitors in cooperation with Inuyama-shi tourist association. Naruse, director who planned "shachihoko is guardian angel of Inuyama Castle. We will say, you can use as guardian angel of examinees from now on as it is examination season.

"Hit killer whale eraser" in Inuyama Castle distribution summary

・Date and time January 1, 2018 Monday (holiday), Wednesday, January 17, Friday, January 26
・Open space (65-2, Kitakoken, Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi) in front of place Inuyama Castle castle tower
・In distribution every day, we distribute to first-come-first-served bases from the opening time (9:00 a.m.)
※481 (the construction of a castle number of years and the same number) on 181 January 1 on 17th and for each 150 26th in total
※Official character Wanmaru-kun of Inuyama-shi comes up on January 1, too and helps with distribution


0568-61-1711 (Inuyama Castle Administration Office)