Spring Inuyama campaign

Update day
February 25, 2018

Inuyama intensive large-scale sightseeing advertising meeting (Inuyama-shi, Inuyama-shi tourist association) and Nagoya Railroad carry out "spring Inuyama campaign" under the theme of cherry tree and castle town walk from March 1 to May 31. Hold this campaign as campaign to have enjoy charm of spring Inuyama represented by cherry tree, and in this year of the twelfth (through spring, summer, autumn the 30th) become held. By campaign plan, navigate popular Inuyama Castle pleasure boat for a limited number period, and young person comedian of Yoshimoto gains popularity in applicants more than comedy jinrikisha and 10,000 every time to act as rickshaw driver; carry out various events such as castle town stamp rally aimlessly. Please go to Inuyama in this spring.