Oh-Agata Shrine "rich year festival"

Update day
March 6, 2018

Festival to cause spring in Owari

In Oh-Agata Shrine, we hold special event "banner year festival" to cause spring in Owari on Sunday, March 11. During from 10:00 to 16:30, it does well by parade and dedication drum of cow float, various events including rice cake firewood. In addition, there is Umezono in Shinto shrine and makes flower that pink and white are pretty bloom. As neighboring roads become traffic regulation on the day of the special event, please be careful.

Illustration of traffic regulation on March 11 is this


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Oh-Agata Shrine "plum Festival"

We are holding plum Festival.


From February 18, 2018 to the end of March


There is Bairin which hangs down, and gathered plums of 300 red and white including plum which had you dedicate to the precincts of Oh-Agata Shrine from well-known Umezono, Shinto shrines of the whole country.