Iruka pond dam curry

Update day
March 12, 2018

We sell dam curry for a limited time

We perform "dam curry of Iruka pond" sale in Meiji-mura of Inuyama-shi, Aichi only in periods from March 3 to June 24. The Takuro Yamada Inuyama mayor who paid the attention to bank of Iruka pond adjacent to Meiji-mura corresponding to dam suggested, and restaurant "washokutokohekisuitei" in village of Meiji-mura developed product. We can overlook Iruka pond from blue water bower and are popular when we can enjoy dam curry.

Dam curry of Iruka pond

Characteristic of dam curry of Iruka pond is to take in local special product. Rice (Aichinokaori) which was brought up with brood bud, water of Iruka pond produced around fried food, Iruka pond of fresh-water smelt of Iruka pond noted product. Please experience mechanism which roux which is point of dam curry maximum flows through by yourself. Dam curry of Iruka pond 1,300 yen (20 meals of daily limitation. ) which seems to have possibilities to be sold out on the weekend. Irimura charges are necessary separately. In addition, approximately 130 kinds of dam curry seems to exist in the whole country.

Iruka pond

Iruka pond is known as sightseeing spot which is scenic in reservoir for artificial agriculture proud of scale of the national second place constructed in 1633 of the Edo era to, and boat for hire shop of fresh-water smelt and large-mouth bass fishing links the eaves on bank. Image is different from dam when we have a look, but, according to Inuyama-shi, as for the definition of dam, there is bank of Iruka pond more than 25 meters in height with structures more than 15 meters in height that dammed up river, and we call with dam, and there does not seem to be trouble.


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