We celebrate shachihoko revival

Update day
March 17, 2018

Commemorative event of restoration completion such as end tiles in the shape of a shachihoko broken by thunderbolt in Inuyama Castle in last July was carried out. Scaffold for construction is removed, too, in figure really original in the castle. We showed shachihoko (under an alias: brothers killer whale) which Yamamoto tile industry of Nara roasted together that we were installed in castle tower last month by commemorative event in front of castle tower. There were brothers killer whale and blessing event that was only for on that day that could take a ceremonial photograph, and many people formed a line before opening of a gate, and visitors who had the first rearranging ticket that 150-limited, was distributed in their hand fitted into photograph.

The Takuro Yamada Inuyama mayor who hosted "there should not be disaster, but, after thunderbolt of last summer, voice of worry was sent by many of you. All of you gave contribution to and felt attachment to Inuyama Castle again. In the one act that greetings, Director Atsuko Naruse Inuyama Castle white emperor Bunko comment saying we thank toward all that had you cooperate saying "we are overwhelmed with emotion", and is filled with tears.


Including construction worker, Grampus which was soccer team of Aichi, formal mascot of Nagoya Grampus rushed by group where gave contribution to, killer whale connection and celebrated revival. Shachihoko of castle tower was attached by great repair of Showa of 1964, and the north side was broken by thunderbolt in last July, and, in the south side, a part of fins was damaged. In Inuyama Artifacts Museum in castle town, display of the third generation shachihoko of Edo, Showa, Heisei starts at the midday of the same day, too. Tourist compared shachihoko of three generations close and was photographed with great interest. In addition, we are going to perform this display in whole year.