Momotaro summit participation offer

Update day
April 4, 2018

Momotaro summit Japan line Inuyama meeting executive committee recruits participants of summit to be carried out on May 4. On the day please pay entrance fee in 500 yen (more than junior high student) in venue (Inuyama International Tourist sentafuroide).

Establishment of Momotaro talk is said to be last years of Muromachi era and is got close to this day. Momotaro summit reaches the 16th in this year, and municipalities, group, researcher, lovers with relationship gather to Momotaro of the whole country and perform announcement and interchange business. This theme that is Year of the Dog commemorative project is "Momotaro legend that we saw from dog" like Inuyama. For more details, please see exclusive flyer.

Flyer for exclusive use of Momotaro summit is this