Chionanthus retusus in full bloom

Update day
May 1, 2018

250 years years old, pure white flower such as snow

White flower invites in full bloom to natural monument of country in Chionanthus retusus spontaneous generation place of appointed Ikeno, Inuyama-shi, Aichi. There are seven big trees to own dough, and the estimated age of a tree is said to be 200 through 250. Tourist who came pointed camera to grandeur that it snowed in the whole branch, and was piled up frequently. Chionanthus retusus grows wild only in Kiso River basin of the Tokai district and limited area of Tsushima, Nagasaki in the country. tago is usually wings of a biplane, but shape has this name like tago (hazel) because it is having a single wing (Acer distylum). The name of another name "nanjamonja" was got close even to, and Oki measuring 10-14 meters in height had a heated. According to the local farmhouse, Kei Ochiai man, we follow in in full bloom until about May 10. Chionanthus retusus spontaneous generation material is behind with time in full blossom than city area for approximately one week to be in place deep in the mountain. It is hard to understand the road to venue, but farming family, please go out along signboard as signboard is installed in road. There is young plant sale corner of Chionanthus retusus near own dough, too. We seem to attract garden tree in having a heated which is white that we is beautiful without taking effort.

Access by public transport

We take Meiji-mura going of Gifu bus from the Meitetsu "Inuyama Station" east exit.
Getting off at "Kamio" (kanno) bus stop, approximately 10 minutes on foot.

May 1, 2018 shooting