It is the first time in history! 600,000 Inuyama Castle

Update day
December 19, 2018

Annual attendance of Inuyama Castle broke through 600,000 people for the first time on December 19, 2018. The 600000th is Mirai Ogisawa in nurses of Tonami-shi, Toyama. Come with the Iwasaki sweetfish beauty of friend; "saw photograph of Inuyama in SNS. We were surprised, but said, we are glad.

Lunch ticket of Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel (with hot spring bathing) was given Ogisawa and Iwasaki as souvenir by Mayor Yamada. It tries for the first time, and it updates most record for 5 consecutive years that annual attendance of Inuyama Castle surpasses 600,000 people since it has begun to take statistics in 1976. Scenery and food of castle add Inuyama-shi tourist association to it having been in topic led by youths who are particular about photograph to post on SNS including so-called "instagenic", and shachihoko suffers damage by thunderbolt and new thing is installed and considers that there were many topics that there is in the background.