Inuyama sightseeing student ambassador

Update day
February 9, 2020

Inuyama-shi tourist association appointed four students of Nagoya Keizai University Inuyama sightseeing student ambassador of 2020 in The little world in the city on February 7. We act as the part of PR and the part of hospitality out of the prefecture in the city in one year from April for term. Tourist association appoints in cooperation with only university, Nagoya Keizai Univ. in the city from 2013, and this time is the eighth generation. It is Akari Shinjo, worth love Arika, Wakana Ishida, Yumi Shimoyama from the photograph left.

At swearing-in ceremony Chairperson Ogawa "will meet various people in various land, but always see, and is conscious of rareruteirukotoo, and please work. We encouraged, we want you to do activity not to remain of regret as one of own youth. Four people talked about enthusiasm saying "we have, at first, we studied well, and many people know Inuyama through activity of ambassador".