We can enjoy sightseeing in Inuyama on online map

Update day
March 1, 2020

We introduced service "Stroly" (strike Raleigh) where own positional information was displayed by illustration map which went online! We can enjoy view of the world of illustration map while taking a walk through recommended spot of Inuyama area.

 Illustration map of Stroly is displayed when we click this

Service contents

Target illustration map is displayed online when we read "QR cord for access" listed in the link mentioned above and brochure with smartphones. You display positional information of user on the target illustration map by letting you link GPS information such as smartphones and can enjoy town walk while imaging view of the world of illustration map. Downloading and sign-in of exclusive application are not necessary.

About online map platform "Stroly" (strike Raleigh)

Handwritten map or illustration map which is different from reality including ancient map in reduced scale go online as original design and are service that can display positional information of user by GPS interlocking movement and Landmark information (information or photograph of store) on illustration maps. In addition, we compare illustration map and correct map and can use.

As for the details, please see this

Target illustration map

2020 spring campaign leaflets "Inuyama map"

Available period

From Sunday, March 1, 2020 to Sunday, May 31, 2020

※As smartphone operation while we walk is dangerous, you are not expected