Announcement of postponement of fireworks cancellation, cormorant fishing start

Update day
May 15, 2020

Announcement of the 41st Japan line summer festival "Kiso River long run fireworks" cancellation

As a result of primarily having considered health, safety of having "the Kiso River long run fireworks" which planned conduct for from 1 to 10 on August participate taking the influence of new coronavirus infection spread into consideration and people concerned, Japanese line summer festival executive committee (chairperson: the Takuro Yamada Mayor of Inuyama) should be cancellation.

About expense

With fireworks holding, resources which we planned allot to new coronavirus measures.

Line summer festival (hundreds of thousands of visit summer feature in usual) in Japan

In the Kiso River banks of a river whole area drifting to boundary of Inuyama-shi, Aichi and Kakamigahara-shi, Gifu, we launch cannon crackers such as star mines from fireworks stand ship which we floated on the Kiso River every year for from 1 to 10 on August.

Postponement of start of "Cormorant Fishing on the Kiso River"

As the Kiso River sightseeing company operating Inuyama-shi hosting cormorant fishing fishing and cormorant fishing viewing ship would postpone "Cormorant Fishing on the Kiso River" beginning every year on June 1 for the time being, we tell. Because Cormorant Fishing on the Kiso River was form to have you enjoy cormorant fishing viewing and meal in ship in limited space of (pleasure boat), we considered risk that infection enlarged based on the situation of new model coronavirus infectious disease. In what there is tradition of about 1,300 years, and cormorant fishing in the Kiso River has been performed every day every year from June 1 to October 15, but do not perform cormorant fishing fishing on June 1, first after the war.

We receive postponement of start, and Ishihara cormorant fisherman "tries postponement of start for the first time. As we came for the start with boatman and cormorant, we are disappointed. You must give priority to prevention of new coronavirus infection spread now. We state, we are happy if we have you enjoy cormorant fishing in the Kiso River full of nature at proper time, and Manager Umemura of sightseeing in Kiso River "is decision of distress. We took new coronavirus measures and said, we want to get ready to be able to enjoy cormorant fishing to all of you in peace. If the cormorant fishing opening day of this year is fixed, we will tell again.