Wanmaru-kun bill

Update day
September 30, 2019

Product exchange ticket which Inuyama-shi tourist association (chairperson Seiichi Ogawa) adjusts to the business reopening of Inuyama Castle and can use at object 12 store of nyujotokakuken and castle town of Inuyama Castle from October 1 was bundled and releases "Wanmaru-kun bill".

As for this bill, the release amount of money is 1,000 yen with product to have you enjoy castle town walk in discount. Up to 300 yen becomes usually more advantageous 150 yen or more than rate.

Sale period

From October 1, 2019 to September 30, 2020

Sale place

Tourist information center (9:00-17:00) in front of Inuyama tourist information center, the Inuyama Castle

Sales price

1,000 yen (there is not setting that is younger than junior high student)

Product contents

*2 piece of considerably nyujotokakuken +300 yen of Inuyama Castle or more product exchange tickets

Product exchange ticket

We choose among 12 stores including skewer gourmet and Genkotsuame

More than half a century, Meitetsu Inuyama Hotel which pulled sightseeing of Inuyama-shi, Aichi closes last month, and it is predicted that influence appears on tens of thousands of a year scales and Inuyama Castle copes with cooling of consumption in leisure by consumption tax increase, too, and aims at 10,000 pieces a year of sale.