Yama event cancellation of Inuyama Festival

Update day
March 7, 2020

Yama events of Inuyama Festival "cancellation"

Inuyama Festival preservation society (chairperson: Yoshihiro Ishida) cancels Yama events of "the 386th Inuyama Festival" which planned holding for from 4 to 5 on April in this year. Since 1945 (1945) called off under the influence of war by decision with the Inuyama Festival preservation society board of directors (secret ballot of 34 people) in Inuyama-shi welfare hall on March 7, first in 75 years; is called off.

Chairperson Ishida "decided cancellation such as Yama events by democratic method called decision by majority as preservation society in the board of directors. In the case of fine weather, it is 450,000 people in two days. For festival that customer comes from the whole country after it was enrolled in the UNESCO in 2016. Intention of all of new coronavirus in consideration for influence was shown. Since threat of virus did not converge, it turned out common-sense. We want to examine substitute plan after the convergence in the board of directors to follow power continuation, traditional event of townsfolk in the future. We want to do vision of Inuyama Festival preservation society at opportunity to evolve o which "we tie community and succeed and support". At the time of the UNESCO registration, power of community was evaluated in the world. For the future, we commented, we want to fulfil duty to continue festival.