Advantageous accommodation plan

Update day
July 17, 2020

Reservation method (we call to tour station and make a reservation)

Please make a reservation over telephone to tour station. For more details, please confirm on tour station formula homepage.

Meitetsu Komaki Hotel accommodation plan

We stay at Meitetsu Komaki Hotel (Meitetsu Komaki Station direct connection) and are plan to be able to enjoy sightseeing in Inuyama leisurely. Golf in Inuyama perception tree 俱 department of musical matters, Cormorant Fishing on the Kiso River viewing, attractive plan to be able to enjoy Inuyama including Inuyama Castle downtown area walk with rental yukata come up!

What is LOVE Aichi campaign?

In Aichi, to rouse sightseeing demand that dropped with new coronavirus, to citizen of the prefecture promotion of trip in Aichi "love, well of appeal LOVE Aichi campaign - me in area! We carry out ... until from July 1, 2020 to October 31. We offered advantageous accommodation plan that it became one of Inuyama, and put two accommodations (Meitetsu Komaki Hotel and light shop Geihanrou) and sightseeing in Inuyama together in tour stations with the head office in town. When we see the sights of Inuyama slowly while person within the range of getting and back in a day stays for one night at this opportunity, how about?