Outdoor base Inuyama [autodoabesu, inuyamakyampujo]

Something BBQ & campsite

It is 50 minutes by car from Nagoya. In teepee which is along brook of promenade, and can build a fire in tent, automatic site that is pleased with wanko by a no lead, water deck floating in fishing pond, the grilled deck, various. There is and it is simple and can enjoy rental.

List of charges

Use of admission D 600 yen for adults (more than junior high student) 400 yen for children (3 years old or older)
Admission accommodation use 900 yen for adults (a night) 600 yen for children (a night)

Reservation method

We can make a reservation until day on the former end of the month for two months. When we surpass 30 people, we can make a reservation until day on the former end of the month for five months. 0568-61-6316 (reservation center)

Use guidance

Pizza has a fried experience with drum

It is fragrant, and share and the volume are plentiful four pieces of large size of exquisite "wild pizza to bake by open fire" 27-30cm. You knead and stretch out and pick up, and bake. Sense of accomplishment when process to make is fun as for the pizza and was burnt well is the best.


Experience with rice cake to be able to always enjoy

Simple rice cake making experience that is recommended to which wants to let that we have not experienced rice cake making or want to feel nostalgic for, child experience. As for the rice cake making meet to enjoy only in family and fellow thinkers, tension goes up more than expected.


Burn firewood; experience-based bath

Waiting while putting firewood about 40 minutes. We light, and bath only for family and friend goes up. Bath experience of ancient times when we can feel warmth simply because hot water is boiled with one button. All the bathing can perform kettle in the room with roof, too.


The neighboring highlight


It is the forest where green consisting of artificial plantation of cedar hinoki and natural woods such as willow oak chinquapin coJapanese oaks is rich in in hill-related Yamaji who it is in Hida Kiso quasi-national park, and is located at the eastern part, Gifu prefectural border of Inuyama-shi. Many hiking routes are maintained and can view Mount Ontake, Norikuradake, 360-degree superb view including Hakusan mountain range at the time of fine weather from panoramic observation deck in 250m above sea level in rest forest.

Hasso Waterfall is chosen as 100 selections of famous clear water of Heisei.

Product sales product

Cooker set
600 yen
Kitchen knife cutting board set
100 yen
Pan ladle set
100 yen
Iron plate
300 yen
200 yen
600 yen
One-touch tarp (3*3m)
1,500 yen
Outdoor base Inuyama (autodoabesu, inuyamakyampujo)
The location
95, Higashiyama, Imai, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Transportation guide

From Chuo Expressway "Komaki east IC" is approximately 15 minutes via Iruka pond

Business hours
From 9:30 to 17:00 (accommodation - 10:00, the following day)
Regular holiday
Extremely difficult situation fixed closing day, from July to August, GW is without holiday until from November to March in fixed closing day (in the case of holiday the next day) on Wednesday
Seating capacity
Approximately 400 (we include use of D)
Parking lot number
Smoking, non-smoking
Smoking (I would like processing by yourself)