Sankouinari Shrine [sankouinarijinja]

Inuyama lord of a castle Naruse household gods

Sankouinari Shrine is historical Shinto shrine located in the foot of Shiroyama. There is Inuyama Castle at the summit of Shiroyama and is full of customers of Inuyama Castle visit. Cute pink heart votive tablet gains popularity to woman.

The highlight


My wife security, business prosperity, land house purification ceremony i, road safety, couple harmony, matchmaking

Lucky charm

Purification ceremony sand 300 yen, charm lucky charm various 700 yen -


The foundation is not clear, but we have tradition of (1586) in 1586. Veneration of Prince uncle Nobuyasu Oda of Nobunaga Oda is particularly thick than enshrining serare (current Marunouchi green tract of land Park) is old, and it is done oblation in dedicated treasure of basket me many by All the world is at peace, rich harvest, business prosperity, prayer of road safety as guardian deity of the Inuyama lord of a castle Naruses each generation again by three fox Terayama in Inuyama Castle. We present removing and rebuilding to the current ground in October, 1964 and we look up at happiness and prosperity, good luck good luck charm, benevolence of the gods of the request for place accomplishment with grace of Ogami and show bustle in worshipers from the whole country more and more including neighborhood.

Monkey Tabiko Shrine (michihirakino Oga monkey Tabiko Oga)

They keep off building, direction, and even from ancient times much benevolence of the gods including averting misfortune, good luck, business development, rich harvest, big catch satisfaction, my wife security, road safety, the sea security is known.

Charm and sand

At first, we begin sand with northeastern corner and it is clockwise and sprinkles on the four corners if we received prayer charm. It is performed at entrance of store in merchant's family on the fields in other farmhouses that we sprinkle ship on the four corners in factory in the result ship's side. We receive with charm and, at first, we cleanse, but sprinkle every year at the beginning of the year.

Prayer God bill

You receive prayer charm and offer in keserare, household Shinto altar or put on entrance, and you receive new God bill every year again in evening, and please confer benevolence of the gods.

Princess tortoise Shinto shrine (great minor court lady Ogami)

Man and woman good match, my wife harmony, couple harmony. Please give me prayer for the benevolence of the gods conferment seraremasuyo prayer wish accomplishment.


We are informed by family prosperity, descendant continuing for a long time when we have fortune money of the cleanliness at the same time as it is believed that we come home to several times when we inquire into money in sacred water when it, too when it is. ※Washing accepts money in shrine office.

Sankouinari Shrine (sankouinarijinja)
The location
41-1, Kitakoken, Inuyama, Inuyama-shi, Aichi
Transportation guide

It is about 12 minutes on foot from the Meitetsu "Inuyama-Yuen Station" west exit

The appearance